Two Mile Circular Walk

A delightful and leisurely two-mile circular meander, which takes the walker through a small section of the Coln Valley begins in our beautiful grounds.

Begin by walking on the left hand side of the garden with the lake on your right until you notice an exit besides a small minor road. You will also spot a wooden way marker pointing to the meadow and a wooden stile.

Cross the road, and climb the wooden stile. That’s almost all you need to know, for you will immediately notice that the many walkers who have travelled this way over the years have marked a way through the grass. All you have to do is follow in their footsteps as you go from field to field through this lovely unspoiled valley through which a small stream meanders.

You will eventually spot the roofs of houses and the last wooden stile on this part of the walk. It will appear as if this stile leads to someone’s garden – worry not – it is a small green lane leading to a minor road. If you have a dog with you now is the time to put him on his lead.

Turn left and then left again a few yards on when you come to a waymarker guiding you back the way you have come, but on an entirely different path. This time you will be walking besides the rippling steam that you looked down on when travelling the first path.

Once more the sight of rooftops indicate the end of the path, which this time terminates onto the A429, so secure the dog well before you reach this point. Now all you have to do is turn left, cross the minor road and head for The Inn at Fossebridge where a warm welcome awaits you.

Written by Helen Peacocke, author of Paws Under the Table & Paws for History, (Wychwood Press £9.99) which feature dog friendly pubs and walks in Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds.

As featured in West Country Magazine (October 2012); SIX of the BEST…PLACES FOR WALKS WITH PUBS

West Country Magazine (October 2012)
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